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Alla-Din Indian & Pakistani Kitchen

It’s OK ☆☆☆

Taipei Indian & Pakistani restaurant offering: Indian Food / Pakistani Food / Curry / Kebabs / Samosa / Naan Bread / Lassi / Pakistani Milk Tea / Combination Meal Sets

Address & Phone:
Raohe St. Night Market
No. 101, Ln. 221, Raohe St., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105
(02) 2765-9991
Last Reviewed: 7 March 2012

After snacking a bit at Raohe St. Night Market, we saw an Indian restaurant and instantly felt the craving for such food in our stomachs; we had to give this place a try. Very cool Hindi decor that instills a comfortable atmosphere away from the fast-paced night market walkways outside. Customers have the option of choosing their spiciness level for their curry dish: slightly spicy, medium spicy, or very spicy. 

Their sign use to be only in Chinese and now is in English and Chinese. The Chinese translates: Aladdin Indian & Pakistani Cuisine, and it shows the iconic magic genie lantern that Aladdin pops out from in the popular story. The English part on their sign is in phonetics for some reason and reads: Allah-Din Indian Kitchen, Alla-Din Pakistani Halal Food, or Alla-Din Indian Pakistani Kitchen, depending on which sign your looking at. It is the only Indian restaurant in Raohe St. Night Market, so you don’t have to worry about getting it mixed up with a different place.

You have to understand that I have tried various traditional, excellent Indian cuisine in different countries, including my hometown, Seattle, where there is a large Indian population, which cultivates authentic, top-shelf Indian restaurants. However, my ratings for Indian food on this website are solely based on what Indian restaurants Taipei offers. If I were rating the Taipei Indian restaurants with all the other places around the world, none of the Indian restaurants presently in Taipei would come close to 5-stars, and probably never will. This is also how I rate every type of food on my website. Some foods can’t be made authentically or properly in another country even if the chef is of high caliber, because the ingredients that are available in different countries can vary in taste greatly.

Even though this place isn’t excellent, if you were in Raohe St. Night Market and felt like Indian curry, this place would probably satisfy your needs; however, I definitely wouldn’t plan ahead and make the trip on the sole intention of eating at Alla-Din when I could go to some better Indian restaurants in Taipei.

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Taipei Times review of Alla-Din Indian & Pakistani Kitchen 阿拉丁

Raohe St. Night Market #101
(On the very right side if you’re coming from the night market’s main entrance)
Ln.221, Raohe St., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105
Hours: 5:30pm – 12:30am Daily

Chinese & English Menu
Average Meal: NT$350 to 400
Cash Only

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Alla-Din Indian & Pakistani Kitchen

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